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WTF at commercialism
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WTF @ commercialism
This community, is for sharing those news items, or experiences, or observations, that make you truly think "WTF!" at anything relating to capitalism, consumerism, mass media. They can be humourous, scary, horrifying, or just plain bizarre.
Be prepared to write why you think it fits into the remit of this community, and dont be afraid of debate. :)

I loathe too many rules, but just have a few:

1) Please keep anything sexually explicit under an LJ cut with appropriate warning. That also goes for any extreme images of violence. (some people, including me on occiasion, read LJ while eating!)

2) Keep it nice. Good manners are a must! Not everyone always agrees, but keep disagreements polite and reasoned. "I disagree with this because XXXXXXXXX" as opposed to "[insert string of random abuse here]". Its also perfectly OK to agree to disagree. Rudeness will result in the rude person being booted.

3) Post links to things if its related to your article. Random capitalist/ scam links are not appreciated however and will be removed (and the poster removed as well) . If you see such a post and the poor harrassed mod hasnt yet, feel free to PM the mod! I will get to it asap!